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Bloggin in the Noggin. (That was stupid…)`

Alright, whats up fellow ‘pressers? Is it cool to say that? Or is it a form of racial slang around here? Oh well. Roll up the windows kids, bad part of town. Anyways, the news for today is that I aced the GED practice test, got perfect on English, Missed one on History, barely passed Math, but did so well that im one of the only people that shes ever let into the test so late and shes making it look like i took the classes and is getting me in for free:D SUCK IT, ESTABLISHMENT! So ill be taking the GED on Dec. 12th, and signing my life away to the Navy that same day so im not homeless in a month. Anyways, in more interesting news, I discovered that I theoreticaly own 189,000 Gamerscore across all of my game…. Hot Damn. Now I just need to access all those extra points considering that my score only stands at 48,310:( A CHALLENGER ARISES! Also, made a bad choice in getting Blitz II, because it too much like real football=/ I was expecting something along the lines of “THAT SUM BITCH HAS THE BALL! BREAK HIS DAMN 4TH VERTEBRAE!”. Nope. I get madden with badass injuries. “Madden: The strategy game for bro-dudes that think that gaming is for pussies and thinks men ramming other men with protected heads is a straight sport.” You can quote me on that. Thats why its in quotes. Also, I found out why none of my friends actually played Halo Anniversary for more than 10 minutes: You spend more time trying to find your way around than you do fighting people. Also, the OP Magnum that everyone always talked about, is not very OP at all. In fact, it seems like a normal gun. Ugh. Anyways, DA 2 is almost finished installing, so maybe I can get rid of those rediculous load times. So im going to go kill shit, see ya soo peeps. (Btw, should I start tossing a video onto these post? I never use the camera on this damn thing….)



Loot of the Blackened Friday And a new addiction


Alright, so my ps3 career has come to an end, but at a good cost. I managed to snag Driver: SF, Dragon Age 2, AC: Brotherhood, Halo Anniversary, Fable 3, renewed my power up membership. pre ordered the N7 Edition of ME3. Signifigant Other by Limb Bizkit, Sorry for Party Rocking by LMFAO, Soul Punk by Patrick Stump, Youll rebel to anything by MSI, and still had enough left to get a bite to eat from the trade:D All I have to worry about now from losing my ps3 is how the hell im going to watch true Blood now haha. Pretty legit amount of swag though, am I right? Im probably going to take AC back though because AC2 couldnt keep me interested because it felt too sterile and slow, so i might take it back and get an MSP card to hit up some cyber monday deals or something else. But im currently hook on DA2, simply because I was one of the only people in existence who couldn stand the first one, and as far as im concerned, everything I had been excited for, and hoped for in the first one, is in DA2, so definately a good game in my opinion (Fuck the haters haha). Im actually surprised that im trying to keep up with this blog however, as I have the motivation of a SlowPoke. Anyways, back to playing some DA2!


Diabolical Scheme? Damn Consumerism….

Alright, Black Friday is finally upon us, and me being the collection obsessed gamer that I am, am relinquishing some of my prized posessions to get in on some of these sweet ass deals at gamestop. Which means, at least for the time being, i ending my PS3 gaming career and trading in it. All I really have left for it anyways are my PSN games and DCUO, but that on the pc, so ill get a better one to play it in the future haha. But Im hopig to get WWE ’12 to supplement my 360 collection that has recently passed 100 GAMES! (I have about 20 that I havent beaten yet…. Pretty sure its an addiction by this point….) But I should get 90 for my ps3, and they have a buy 2 used get one free tomorrow so ima hit up that deal:D This blogging thing is kind of liebrating in a sense, its somewhat like a journal that you want everyone to see….. I like it haha. but that wraps up this post, so I guess Ill blog a bit tomorrow? Time will tell, PEACE.


Intro/Direction Im going with this blog


Ive never really been a so called “blogger”, although, suffice to say, I have written my fair share of rants and poetry haha. But what this will mainly be about is where my life is about to go, because i have to pretty big changes on the horizon. Possibly joining the military (so i can get into a technical school, not alot of options when you want to be a game developer and youre broke haha) and attempting to finally start my novel ive had planned out for about 4 years now. I plan on uploading a draft of the prologue in a bit, but if you dont know me, and want to get to know me or whatever, hit me up on


“Twisted” Prologue Draft

Im not yet unveiling any solid details story wise, but here is a quick draft of what I have so far for the prologue.

Have you ever stopped, let everything you were attempting simply melt into the recesses of your mind, and contemplated the fact that you have no idea where your life will take you? Will you be succesful in life? Or will you be so close to the top of the golden mountain, to the point where victory is within grasp, only slip on a lose stone, and fall into the oblivon planes of failure? Such are the questions that drive us forward in our lives, and the quest to answer them is a long, difficult, and oft impossible journey. Will we ever discover our purpose in life? If we do, what will we do with our newfound knowledge? For some, it will be a clear blessing in disguise, and they will pursue their purpose. Yet, for others…. They may be driven mad, and the foundations of their realities are forever shattered, for their destiny waits not for them to realise their paths, it simply drag them along, whether it be into the golden gates of Heaven, or the fiery bowels of Hell itself…… Such is the beast, we know as fate.

Comments/Opinions/Constructive Criticism Welcome