Loot of the Blackened Friday And a new addiction


Alright, so my ps3 career has come to an end, but at a good cost. I managed to snag Driver: SF, Dragon Age 2, AC: Brotherhood, Halo Anniversary, Fable 3, renewed my power up membership. pre ordered the N7 Edition of ME3. Signifigant Other by Limb Bizkit, Sorry for Party Rocking by LMFAO, Soul Punk by Patrick Stump, Youll rebel to anything by MSI, and still had enough left to get a bite to eat from the trade:D All I have to worry about now from losing my ps3 is how the hell im going to watch true Blood now haha. Pretty legit amount of swag though, am I right? Im probably going to take AC back though because AC2 couldnt keep me interested because it felt too sterile and slow, so i might take it back and get an MSP card to hit up some cyber monday deals or something else. But im currently hook on DA2, simply because I was one of the only people in existence who couldn stand the first one, and as far as im concerned, everything I had been excited for, and hoped for in the first one, is in DA2, so definately a good game in my opinion (Fuck the haters haha). Im actually surprised that im trying to keep up with this blog however, as I have the motivation of a SlowPoke. Anyways, back to playing some DA2!

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I'm a gamer, a musician, an author, and I love sombreros.

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