Diabolical Scheme? Damn Consumerism….

Alright, Black Friday is finally upon us, and me being the collection obsessed gamer that I am, am relinquishing some of my prized posessions to get in on some of these sweet ass deals at gamestop. Which means, at least for the time being, i ending my PS3 gaming career and trading in it. All I really have left for it anyways are my PSN games and DCUO, but that on the pc, so ill get a better one to play it in the future haha. But Im hopig to get WWE ’12 to supplement my 360 collection that has recently passed 100 GAMES! (I have about 20 that I havent beaten yet…. Pretty sure its an addiction by this point….) But I should get 90 for my ps3, and they have a buy 2 used get one free tomorrow so ima hit up that deal:D This blogging thing is kind of liebrating in a sense, its somewhat like a journal that you want everyone to see….. I like it haha. but that wraps up this post, so I guess Ill blog a bit tomorrow? Time will tell, PEACE.

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About bgdeathpunch

I'm a gamer, a musician, an author, and I love sombreros.

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