“Twisted” Prologue Draft

Im not yet unveiling any solid details story wise, but here is a quick draft of what I have so far for the prologue.

Have you ever stopped, let everything you were attempting simply melt into the recesses of your mind, and contemplated the fact that you have no idea where your life will take you? Will you be succesful in life? Or will you be so close to the top of the golden mountain, to the point where victory is within grasp, only slip on a lose stone, and fall into the oblivon planes of failure? Such are the questions that drive us forward in our lives, and the quest to answer them is a long, difficult, and oft impossible journey. Will we ever discover our purpose in life? If we do, what will we do with our newfound knowledge? For some, it will be a clear blessing in disguise, and they will pursue their purpose. Yet, for others…. They may be driven mad, and the foundations of their realities are forever shattered, for their destiny waits not for them to realise their paths, it simply drag them along, whether it be into the golden gates of Heaven, or the fiery bowels of Hell itself…… Such is the beast, we know as fate.

Comments/Opinions/Constructive Criticism Welcome


About bgdeathpunch

I'm a gamer, a musician, an author, and I love sombreros.

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  1. this is really good, love. You better finish this so I know what happens, or I’m going to go crazy. Get on it already c:

  2. Good start bro 🙂

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